Exercises to Avoid

If you want a good night’s sleep, skip two of these old-school moves.
Good Mornings:
While I can’t say I’ve seen these moves done in a while, I do know that as I grew up I saw many pictures of how the move should be done. If I had more than 3 wishes left in this lamp, I would like someone to search every book and every website with this exercise and erase it with a marker.
I have a very good friend, who will remain unnamed, who gave me another piece of advice. He helped me train my legs. I’ve never pushed myself this far. So when he gives advice, I know it comes from a trusted source that is far better than any scientific study.
It all started with good mornings.At first it was the bar. So it was 20 pounds. on each side. Very quickly, he was 225 pounds. That’s a lot of weight. But having the strength to do so and the youth, he pushed forward.Until the day when POP! Then he went, with 225 pounds. How he didn’t break his neck is a bit of a miracle.
As with all exercise, and bodybuilder motivation, we will continue to push ourselves to new limits. But some exercises simply do not produce results commensurate with the inherent risks associated with them. Hello is one of those exercises.There are many other compound movement options that do the same thing but with much less risk. So skip the hello and try deadlifts or hard deadlifts. You won’t miss a thing skipping good mornings, except maybe weeks of recovery or a broken neck.
Lat Pulldowns behind the neck:
No story to follow, but think about it. Eventually, you will lose weight. In a very unnatural position.It’s a recipe for injury. It is much more natural and safe to do the same movement forward. Either way, your lats are working out. But behind the neck puts pressure on the shoulders which are not the muscle group you are trying to work.
This same philosophy applies to pull-ups. They must also be run forward.If you do pulldowns, try to do them forward. Don’t even think about the neck because they won’t do that for you anymore, except maybe give an excuse not to do more pulldowns.

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