Backlink Ideas

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It seems like every day someone on the internet discovers a clever way to get a one-way backlink.

Sometimes people get lucky when they buy advertising in a printed publication or directory that is then published on the Internet. If they end up on an .edu site this way, they can end up with great backlink reviews and not even know how they managed to get there. So keep an eye out for other strategies.

Here is an example of some innovative ways other people have used and whether they will help or hurt you in the long run.


This is really a great way to see how your competition got a good PageRank. You can also try to get the same backlinks to your site and at least keep the pair until you can beat them. Use the following search engine to find out what backlinks lead to any website, be it yours or your competitor’s: this easy-to-use SEO tool, you can see people linking to you or any URL, and more importantly, see if the link is a nofollow link. alone or with the competition to quickly evaluate them and start your own backlink campaign.


Today’s surfer is much more demanding than in the past. They search for content not only through search engines, but also through RSS feeds. When you have content that is constantly updated, you can easily attract people to search for it on the web.Just offer an RSS feed that brings everything together for them in one place. Users take multiple RSS feeds and can read and search them in an RSS feed reader. This helps users quickly find content that is fresh and up to date. RSS feeds, then many readers will link to you.


When you’ve accomplished something remarkable, don’t forget to honk your horn. Submit a press release with a backlink embedded on your website.This will give you valuable publicity and keep you in the limelight.


There are countless social networking sites that allow you to add some side backlinks to your site. reviews from people because of them. Facebook and Myspace are great networking sites and there’s nothing wrong with discreetly adding a backlink to your profile. YouTube is a great place to post videos that will draw people to your profile page where you have placed another backlink.

This strategy offers several advantages. First, social networking sites cater to large audiences of people.You can get quite a bit of exposure just by creating a profile and becoming part of the community. Second, they give you the opportunity to get feedback on what your site has to offer. This can help you change your website in a way that makes it more popular naturally. Finally, social networking sites are a great place to network and find other sites that could help you increase your rank by placing a backlink, either reciprocal or one-way.