6 reasons to invest in approved kumbakonam plots

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Narayani in Thanjavur

People living in the city of Kumbakonam are adapting to modern and luxurious lifestyle like other cities. You can find plush bungalows, apartments and shopping centers when you walk through the city of Kumbakonam.

Narayani in Thanjavur

Middle class and upper middle class families in Kumbakonam are opting for luxury residential properties. Why this sudden change in mindset? The study reveals a fact that Kumbakonam city is undergoing massive transformation.
NRIs can buy luxury Houses in Kumbakonam and hold the properties for years. Interestingly, the brand new residential Houses in Kumbakonam promoted by reputed builders are affordably priced. Middle income families can buy plush apartments at best prices from reputed builders and settle down peacefully in their new homes.
Unlike before buying DTCP approved plots from reputed plot promoters is becoming less complicated and challenging affair.
Why should NRI real estate investor buy a plot in Kumbakonam? The reasons are listed below.

  • Residential localities in Kumbakonam are witnessing exponential growth.
  • Borrowing home loans from leading banks and financial institutions are easier now.
  • The cost price of Narayani in Thanjavur are cheaper compared to other developed cities.
  • Gated community real estate in thanjavur with 24/7 security, privacy, and an array of amenities for an elevated lifestyle.
  • Reselling the approved plots to new owners is easier.
  • Government has plans to introduce SEZ zones in Kumbakonam.
  • Plenty of hospitals, educational institutions and engineering colleges.